Hearthstone eSports Essentials and Tournaments


Hearthstone is an intriguing and highly rewarding collectible online card game powered by Blizzard Entertainment. Boasting 50m+ players worldwide, this risky fast-paced game holds a bunch of tournaments and matches with the Hearthstone World Championship (HWC), the world’s most important Hearthstone event. Basically, in the HWC, 16 world’s best players duel for glory. The prizes are really breathtaking – a share of the $1 million prize pool. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Apart from the prize itself, the winner also gets the title of the World Champion.

Needless to stress, what also makes this game so appealing is that it can offer different gaming experiences. Yes, that is true, in eSports Hearthstone, you can choose from multiple gaming modes, no matter which one you choose, you may count on fun, entertainment, and joy online.

Below, you can find the top five players with the amount of money they have earned with Hearthstone so far.

  1. Pavel (Pavel Beltiukov) a Russian player who has already won $291,746.33.
  2. XHope, a gamer from China who has won $249,929.29.
  3. The nickname Firebat, the real name is James Kostesich, a US gamer who has already earned $220,053.10.
  4. DrHippi, a Ukrainian player whose real name is Artem Kravets’ has earned $200,166.67.
  5. Known as Thijs with the real name Thijs Molendijk is a Dutch player who has already received $188,989.49.

As you can see, the sums of money earned in this fast-paced strategy card game are really life-changing. Fancy joining these top players, right?

Win-Win Recommendations for a Hearthstone Bet

As it has been was already said, this game is considered one of the most popular eSports. In other words, you can find dozens or even hundreds of Hearthstone betting services. Bear in mind that you should gamble only at the best Hearthstone sites. Wondering how to find a good Hearthstone website? Please consider the following:

  • It should be reliable and it should encrypt all your data
  • It should offer various withdrawal options
  • It should offer you free giveaways and bonuses.

By the way, when it comes to secret Hearthstone betting tips, we feel the necessity to share these ones with you:

  1. There are a huge amount of tournaments open to the public, take a pick at the betting Calendar to check them on a regular basis. Ensure you are not missing anything.
  2. Don’t stop improving your gameplay. In fact, it is a smart idea to take part in each Hearthstone online tournament. Simply speaking, each time you play, you gain some expertise.
  3. Don’t forget that the prior thing is to enjoy playing.

Have fun!

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