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Starcraft 2

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Let’s start with the game itself. So, Starcraft II, also known as SC2, is a hit science fiction strategy video game, which is played in the real time. The game is run on Microsoft Windows and MacOS. The objective of it is to completely destroy the enemy base, having key buildings and units. But to do this, you will have to build your own base. Afterward, you train combat units, all having special abilities.

Being powered by Blizzard Entertainment, the game is really exciting, intriguing and addictive. So, there is no wonder why it enjoys really huge popularity among gamers and gamblers around the world. Needless to add that Korean gamers admire this game the most, but still you can find its avid fans across the world. People adore playing it and making bets on it. By the way, Starcraft 2 tournaments are really intriguing, addictive and can be rather rewarding once you play or bet the right way. The total pool of this risky game is really solid – $250.000.

Interesting is to mention that it’s one of those revolutionizing games, which managed to rapidly grow the popularity of gaming as a job, rather than just a hobby. It was in 2016 when one of its players winning the WCS 2016 Global Finals earned $500,000.00. The player taking part in World Electronic Sports Games 2016 got $402,000.00. The prizes are really overwhelming, right? Hence, today, it ranks among the world’s top eSports titles.

If you are an avid betting lover, wagering on this RTS game may seem like a great idea. Unfortunately, you cannot bet anytime you wish since it’s possible to make bets for SC II leagues and tournaments only. At least a couple of days prior to the event, odds will be available at various bookmakers’ platforms. Some platforms can offer you welcome bonuses, deals, and promotions. So, keep an eye on such platforms.

Starcraft Betting Hints, Tips and Predictions

As a matter of fact, when it comes to best eSports Starcraft 2 betting tips, we would like the share the following ones with you:

  • Join the gambling platform, offering you the latest news, tips, free bets and money-back offers.
  • Follow and always look for pro strategies.
  • Read pre-match analysis; check betting odds comparison before placing bets.
  • Bet on Starcraft 2 for all eSport championship events. By doing this, you will not only gain the needed gaming skills but will not miss anything.
  • Finally, remember to play and gamble in a reasonable and comfortable way. Never exceed your time and money limits. Please keep this issue really seriously.
  • Have fun!
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