Introducing Smite as a Game and an eSpor


Being an MOBA (third-person multiplayer online battle arena) game, Smite deserves a special mention. It is powered by Hi-Rez Studios, so may count on premium gameplay, cutting edge graphics and lots of mind-blowing moments. It’s been greatly admired by players, gamblers, and critics. When it comes to its rules, it features two teams, each consisting of five players. The aim of the game is to completely destroy the enemy’s base. To destroy it, you will need to become skillful. Plus, your team will need to determine the proper tactics against both player-managed characters and non-player-managed ones. In this game, you control a god, goddess or other mythological figures in the battle arena. Interesting is to mention that you can hardly get bored with this game because it features a number of varying modes, with Conquest being one of the most widely used. So, if you get bored with any of them, you can simply switch from one to another.

When it comes to Smite eSports, it was since 2015 that it has been part of eSport. If you feel like wagering, choose from the following types of bets:

  • Match bets
  • Outright bets
  • Prop or special bets.

Smite eSports Matches and Events

As it was already said, it was in 2015 when The first Smite World Championship took place. It was extremely popular. It had a $2.6 million prize pool. By the way, that was the third-highest prize pool in eSports. People from Europe, China, and two parts of America (South and North) took part in it.

However, one year later Hi-Rez Studios decided to reduce the prize pool in half for the
Smite World Championships, making it $1 million. That was made because Hi-Rez Studios wanted to implement more Smite matches and tournaments and they also needed prizes for them. Needless to add, today Smite offers numerous matches and tournaments and is a part of the world’s largest eSports competitions – biannual DreamHack event.

Best Smite Bets Recommendations

Betting on Smite can be really exciting. But to make this process even more rewarding, it’s advisable to keep the following in mind:

  1. To wager on the game, have a glance at top tournaments calendar not to miss any important event.
  2. Learn the game basics before betting because without game knowledge, it’s almost impossible to place winning bets.
  3. Watching game related matches on streaming services like Twitch is a smart way to gain the needed knowledge to make intelligent picks.
  4. Make sure you choose wisely and play in a smart way.
  5. There are bookmakers sites, which offer you free bets and special promotions, make sure to take full advantage of them.

Enjoy playing, betting and winning!

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